Purpose. The report will simulate a professional report written for a policy adv

Purpose. The report will simulate a professional report written for a policy advocate or law
maker to better understand the policy status quo and what could be possible to improve upon
current policy. The policy analysis report has dual purposes. First, it is to assess your ability to
attend to each of the steps in the policy analysis process and to synthesize them together into a
formal report. Second, it is to simulate a common way that a report gets written: in groups.
Often, each section of an analysis may be drafted by one or two individuals on a team. The
ability to construct a report as a team will be evaluated.
Description. In groups of three or four, you are to use Bardach’s Eighfold Path and the Policy
Analysis Workbook to write a 15-20 page report, recommending a policy based on your group’s
analysis. Key components to attend to are as follows:
1. Executive summary with roadmap (introduction)
2. Problem Definition
3. Policy alternatives
4. Criteria for assessing results
5. Outcomes
6. Trade-Offs
7. Recommendation (conclusion)
This how the assignment would be graded.
Executive Summary and Introduction. Opening paragraphs that state
your policy recommendation and the main points that support it along
with a roadmap that details how you will support your main
10 points
Conclusion. The report ends with a reiteration of the main points and
your recommendation. If follows, as well, with the implications of
that recommendation and suggested next steps.
5 points
Organization. In general, the report is well-organized, clear, and
precise in use of language. The writing is free of errors in spelling
and grammar with appropriate headings and subheadings.
20 points
Addressing all steps of the report. The report clearly and directly
responds to all steps outlined above and provides thoughtful
15 points
Critical Analysis. Quality of the analysis that demonstrates your
ability to think critically about the topic. Your main argument is
supported by evidence, concepts, and specific illustrations from the
readings and class lectures.
25 points
Workbook. The workbook is filled out clearly, thoughtfully and its
contents is directly related to the information provided in the report.
10 points
Attached below are some of the work that has been already done, you could use this to build an idea on what we are trying to do.