Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following que…

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: My Strengths Associated with Managing Diversity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

The tasks that are to be completed as soon as possible are considered more important as compared to tasks that still have time to be completed. In turn, I was able to complete all my tasks on time as I wasted less time on less important tasks and more time was diverted towards the more important ones.

At home and even during my professional life I have come across a diverse range of people who have different views and ideas as compared to my views and ideas. My main strengths associated with managing diversity are that I am quite open to meet new people and obtain new ideas from them. I even find it quite easy to communicate with people from different race, religion and age and I do not let stereotypical views overpower the way I perceive other people. But the issue is that I always believe that the ideas that I have are quite superior and as a result of this I fail to take ideas provided by others into consideration while making decisions.

There are various social issues that have captured my attention. The issue of homelessness is the one that has to obtain a higher level of attention (, 2015). In order to contribute to the solution of homelessness, I have decided to take various measures in near future. One of the way that I believe that I can help the homeless is that I can contribute to charities that help the homeless people. I can work in these charities as a volunteer and I even plan to fund these organizations so they can continue to help the homeless.

&nbsp.I believe that working as a social worker or working in the field of social work is the best method of solving various problems experienced by people in their everyday life. I have personally witnessed people die due to their inability to finance their healthcare and have experienced deterioration of health. I have even witnessed people who do not have loved ones who could care for them when they are fighting through difficult health conditions. These situations have prompted me to work in the field of social work and help those who do not have the assistance of their loved ones or who have failed to gain the attention of the government.

&nbsp.I am a person who holds various important traits including the trait of being open to challenges as well as being able to not allow my emotions in conflicting with my decision making. These two traits will enhance my ability to complete the academic as well as the internship requirements of the MSW program. Being open to challenges will allow me to face every challenge that I face as I study or when I start my internship. I believe that have such traits do not allow me to back down from challenges and these traits drive me to work harder to achieve my aims and objectives even if I fail in the initial attempts.