Power, Culture, & Communication

*TASK:In 1000-1200 words, type a well-written essay with specific concepts and detailed examples. You should rely more on your own words than on long quotes from the 2 readings (Hodges & van Over articles attached); demonstrate how you understand and can apply the concepts:-awareness of and sensitivity to cultural/linguistic diversity  -culture and communication theories and methods-contemporary socio-cultural problems -the role communicative factors play in the construction of reality and in shaping social inequality-the role communication plays in restricting access to resources-social responsibility
***TASK DETAILS: Read Hodges article and van Overs article (see attached). Construct an essay about power, culture and communication by doing the following: 
-Paragraph 1: MAKE A CLAIM about the relationship between power, culture and communication. State it in ONE SENTENCE and then explain in ONE PARAGRAPH what this means.
-Paragraphs 2 and 3: Refer to Hodges article and van Overs article (see attached). For each articles paragraph, you should:a) describe the main purpose of the articleb) present the main findings using specific evidence from the readingc) use your description/presentation to support your claim about power, culture and communication. In other words, EXPLICITLY ARGUE for how your chosen articles are GOOD examples of the relationship that you have described in the first paragraph.
-Paragraph 4: End your essay by talking about the implications of this relationship and what one can do about this. What might a citizen passionate about communication and culture do about power and power imbalances? Be SPECIFIC and CREATIVE here, using VOCABULARY and TERMINOLOGY from the de Saussure article (see attached) to support your suggestions. Good answers will say something beyond citizens should talk about this to raise awareness.
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