Please see attachments for topic

I am requesting that chapter 5 be completed for my dissertation. Please note that this represents my final paper to receive my MBA. As such, I require a chapter with high quality. Please note the following:
1. I have attached the chapter overview to guide you as to how this section should be completed.
2. I have attached chapters 1-4 to support my request. You are to analyze the findings in chapter 4. Please use the format outlined in the topic overview for guidance as this is EXTREMELY important
3. The requested section should include analysis. Please read the findings and provide insightful analysis which explains the findings. My general insights/analysis so far include: large companies that evidence negative corporate culture can still increase in revenue if the companies can replace employees quickly. Another observation could be that corporate culture affects smaller businesses in a more immediate way when compared to larger businesses as larger companies have considerably more resources but can fall susceptible to negative culture and by extension reduced earnings over time especially due to the proliferation of social media which amplifies these events. Please also include factors such as the impact of covid 19 on the businesses as well as the industry that the businesses operate in (whether or not they are seen as essential and as such are less affected by covid or corporate culture as their goods/services will always be in demand. PLEASE ADD A LOT MORE INSIGHTS AND ANALYSIS TO EXPLAIN THE FINDINGS. A limitation of the study could include the fact that a more thorough research could not have been done given the time and financial constraints of the study. Another limitation could be the access to information or objectives to broad, sample size too small. Another factor to consider would be that profitability considers a multiplicity of factors that could not be reasonably studied in this research. Please make recommendations for future study and implications for business.
This chapter, according to the guidance notes, should be steeped in references and supported by recent studies. As such, please take every opportunity to link your analysis to research that has previously been done. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT