Please see attached document for all specific details of this assignment.  Assig

Please see attached document for all specific details of this assignment. 
Assignment objectives:
As a way of synthesizing your early reading and sharing your learning through discussion, you are asked to complete a professional reading submission. This type of writing invites you to stand back, to analyze and synthesize key ideas from a text/podcast /video with a view of presenting it to others and initiating a thoughtful conversation about it with colleagues. As products, you will have: 
One 1000 word (4 pages double spaced) written synopsis that includes the following components: 
1.Citation of the reading/podcast using APA format;
2.Overview of the reading/podcast/video: description of  a) the authors main argument and b): three or four of the key messages are expanded and elaborated; 
3.Critical Assessment on the reading/podcast that thoughtfully:
odescribes your understanding of the reading /podcast;
oconnects the reading/podcast/video with your professional experience and with the course content/concepts; and 
oevaluates the article/podcast/video in relation to supporting evidence
ooffers a powerful synthesizing/concluding statement that highlights implications and finishes the discussion;
4.3 Discussion questions, specifically three thought-provoking questions that you would use to lead a discussion of the reading/podcast with colleagues
This is the article for the assignment 
Adelson,N. (2005). The Embodiment of Inequity. Canadian Journal of PublicHealth, 96(S2), S45-S61.