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Innovative Business Strategy in Health Delivery System
The Healthcare system has drastically changed how it markets and delivers its services. Today’s individuals need more digitalized and innovative forms of how the care units offer their services. Most hospital professionals have provided access to online services that have shortened communications between patients and physicians, causing consumers to no longer need to visit the health care units. Instead, they have to choose a healthcare business that offers a consumer experience to meet their healthcare expectation. The medical care units and other health care systems must fight harder to meet the changing needs of the people. This paper discusses the examples, values, and critical concepts in a healthcare organization’s marketing and business developments.
An example of an innovative business strategy in my healthcare organization is that we exercise health brands on social media.
Being the director of the physical practices, I am responsible for the healthcare team that implements physical therapy and ensures that the healthcare program is in order. Together with my hospital system team, we can choose to either create free medical care for their patients or raise the prices of medications and assist the outpatients in care services. By helping the health retirement community, we implement and research the issues that can promote house accommodations for independent living through campaigns and brandings. I also assigned the insurer the duty to ensure members’ satisfaction as HMO product is concerned.
The business principles are the organization’s essential mission I created with my supportive staff to achieve specific goals because it builds relationships and develops trust. My organizational direction team directs the healthcare providers to understand the organizational priorities (Engle et al., 2017). It has also been a source of unity that comes up with a teamwork program and teaches the values of team approaches in gaining the needed inputs (Ginter et al., 2018). Teamwork has created relationships among my workers, making it easier to identify the patient’s needs causing the organizational buy-in to bring out the need to understand the shared commitments.
Strategic planning in my healthcare organizations describes the directions that the organizations need to pursue and guides the allocation of resources and efforts (Engle et al., 2017). Differentiations have provided information about other healthcare organizations’ competition and have been a source of energy (Ginter et al., 2018). It has also identified the target market that needs specific services. A potential health care center market can demand the HCO’s benefits.
In my organization, marketing health care services has been challenging because of the lack of resources, tools, and guidance for branding. However, engaging in competition with other health care organizations has assisted us in coping with the challenges and has boosted our marketing effectiveness, causing shortcuts to success.