Please cover the What are the barriers and supporting conditions – including fin

Please cover the What are the barriers and supporting conditions – including financial requirements section of the project. An example of a previous project is attached for reference.
I worked in a local real estate management office that comprised of one Sr. Real Estate Manager (my boss), one Real Estate Manager (me), one Chief Engineer, a team of 3 Engineers managed by the Chief and myself, and one Real Estate Services Administer (my direct report).
We were a local office than managed three different real estate portfolios for three different clients and worked under the umbrella of a larger real estate investment corporation. Our Sr. Manager was responsible for directly reporting to our clients and director level management from corporate.
The Chief and I developed recommendations for the clients regarding building maintenance and tenant projects. We would put in an abundance of effort into creating informative and clear presentations. It was then left to the Sr. Manager to present. Overtime, it seemed like information was not flowing accurately or in a timely manner from Sr. Manager to client. This resulted in delayed maintenance and tenant projects which led to increasing frustrations for the Chief and I as our job performance felt as if it was slipping below corporate and our own personal standards of performance. We felt as if our efforts were going unheard. We also had the same experiences with issues presented to corporate about understaffing. Our Sr. Manager insisted on holding meetings with clients and corporate behind closed doors and then he would relay the information later.
I became so frustrated that I left the organization for another opportunity. I later found out that our Sr. Manager was not performing his job functions fully and it resulted in a bottle necking of information between our team and the client/corporate. They let him go shortly after I left.
Looking back, I believe I probably acted a bit hastily by leaving and should have worked harder at seeking counsel with our corporate Directors. At the time it was difficult to see what was causing the real issue as the Sr. Manager had the skill at appearing hard at work but in fact was not. The Chief and I thought the issue was a result of an uninclined client or unconcerned directors.
Let’s go with a three-level approach to solving this issue.
1) Team Collaboration Check-ins, HR representative
a) Assess the current level of collaboration that is happening at each satellite office
b) Provide training opportunities for collaborative working and interpersonal skills that will fill in the gaps and provide continued education to better hone these skills
c) Allow for confidential feedback
2) Director Level Check-ins
a) Provides connection to corporate and allows for confidential feedback
b) Review individual and portfolio annual objectives to ensure they are on track
3) Enhanced recruitment and retaining functions
a) Ensure the right people are chosen for the position (review job descriiption, targeted recruitment processes, etc.)
b) Provide an additional process to follow up with those that have decided to leave the organization to determine the real reason they want to leave and if there is anything that can be done to retain high-quality talent. This may also uncover weak links that need to be addressed.