Please answer the following questions: 1. How did colonialism contribute to the

Please answer the following questions:
1. How did colonialism contribute to the ongoing conflicts in Asia? Pick an example (country, conflict, territorial dispute etc.) and analyze the ways in which colonialism still contributes to the conflict today. (min. 300 words).
2. In what ways did India adhere to the “3 steps for successful
development in Asia†as defined by Joe Studwell? In what ways did it deviate?
(The Joe Studwell article is uploaded. min. 300 words)
3. Analyse the positive and negative ways in which population size, profile, and distribution affect the economy and provide specific examples in each case of at least two Asian countries that illustrate your answer. (min. 500 words. 250 words towards positive impact –
when the population is a strength and opportunity and min. 250 towards negative impact –
when the population is a source of limitation or threat ).
4. What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for Asia in the short term (10 years or so) and long term (looking towards 2050)? Try to focus not on a single individual country but on threats and challenges that are multilateral (include several countries) or trends that will
(or are likely to) negatively influence more than one country. These challenges can be
military, economic, diplomatic, demographic, environmental, and more. (min 500 words).
P.S: Please indicate the citation or source within answers+ page number of the source.
I uploaded a few sources, You can use any resources but please make sure you source them all! If copy pasting anything (number, few words, sentence), put it in quotations and source, if only using the information in your own words, please just include the source – in-text (brackets or footnotes) and in the final bibliography. The sources should be PDF online available.( no poor sources please.)
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