Peer Response 3

In each response, address the following:

Express your reaction to any aspects of the professional field that your peer shared.
Relate your ideas or understanding about your peer’s field, or how it might differ with your own.

Your response should each be about 100 words.  

connecting to the research process
In my professional field of work with children, I can use my initiative to teach alongside the headteacher to meet the needs of the students who may be struggling and need the extra time. I love to keep the students intrigued in their academic growth to help them and provide vital tools to assist and more smoothly in a productive atmosphere. I love to see the children smile and show compassion.  I want the students to have a chance to enjoy making a connection with people like myself who care about their experience of learning in a safe and healthy environment. Foundations that my teachers invested in me my I was a youngster. I am committed to giving the students the same security, love and support, and proper guidance. There is nothing more extraordinary for students to know that you care about their academic growth for younger children; they need to get that stepping stone towards development. My initial job was recreational in a school setting. An administrator took a liking to my outstanding work ethic with the younger children that I tended to at the time and presented me with an opportunity to sub for six for a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten class who was going out on medical leave, and the rest is history. I have been working in this profession for 24 years to this date. I am studying as an undergrad in college in Early Childhood Education. Even if I have years of experience, there is still more to grow. I am trying to open up my childcare center because I strive to do my very best academically. Most importantly, I believe that hard work has its rewards, and mine is worth the time put in.