Peer Response 2

In your response, you can

React to their description of the writing activity or assignment they engaged in.
Compare their shared lesson learned and relationship to writing to the lesson and relationship that you shared.

Your response should each be about 100 words.

 My name is Ashley Brandon. I live in Chicago IL. I prefer to be addressed as LeeLee. I love playing basketball, and just being an active mom to my one and only son. I am attending Ashford University in a Bachelor of Arts Program striving to pursue my career in Special Education. A writing activity that I have completed is Philosophy 208. Learning new words such as Deontology and Utilitarianism and having a hard time understanding what ethics and morality reasoning meant but now that it’s over, I am happy, but I also feel accomplished that I learned the meaning and understanding of what ethics and morality reasoning means. As well as utilitarianism and deontology.  I am getting an A even though it’s a low A, and I’m still waiting for a few grades to be submitted, I will be satisfied because I gave it my all. Some things that helped me complete the assignment were getting the definition of the words as well as asking around having someone else to give me better examples and practicing how to use the word. I focused on touching every bullet point there was to make sure I was answering all the questions asked of me. This helped me with my writing skills and pushed me to ask others for help when studying examples of how to use a word.