Part one (2pages) Visit the website for a large hotel chain such as Marriott, Be

Part one (2pages)
Visit the website for a large hotel chain such as
Marriott, Best Western, or Hilton.
1.What evidence do you see that
this organization is doing relationship marketing? (Give specific actions you
2.Why is this type of marketing very important to
this kind of a firm?
3 What other relationship-building activities
would you suggest to this hotel’s management?
2 (3 page)
A.Choose a specific industry
(e.g., grocery retailing, the airline industry), and apply Porter’s Five Forces
model to discuss that industry’s competitive forces and their relative
influence. (Note: The following website provides useful information
about the Porter model: Porter’s
Five Forces: Understanding Competitive Forces to Maximize Profitability.) [
B. Discuss how online, social media, and other technology-related marketing tools could provide competitive advantages
in the industry you analyzed in essay question A.
C. Do you think firms that market
products for children have any special ethical responsibilities when they
advertise? Why or why not? Give examples that support your position.
Part 3 (1 page)
Think of a recent ad you saw or
heard on TV, in a magazine, or on the radio. How did the ad use the consumer
behavior process to influence the consumer to buy? How would you have used the
process differently to persuade consumers to buy the product? (1-page)