Part 2: Cultural Value Reaction Now that you have finished y…

Part 2: Cultural Value Reaction

Now that you have finished your analyses, Gregory would like you to examine Quantigration’s company values. (Read the article “How to Write a Company Value Statement That Will Achieve Strategic Impact” in the Supporting Materials section for more information on how company value statements can motivate employees and reflect company objectives.)

Review the three company values Gregory has given you:

  • Family: Everyone who works here is part of the Quantigration family.
  • Process: Following processes will result in quality products.
  • Numbers: Precision engineering requires precision thinking.

Consider each company value from the viewpoint of each selected culture from your cultural analysis. Think about how these values relate to the cultural values you have uncovered in each of the countries you analyzed. Then, write a brief reaction for Gregory that examines the values.

For each company value, write a 200-word summary explaining whether it does or does not represent the values of the three cultures you have examined, providing specific reasons why or why not. In particular, ask yourself the following:

  • Which company values align closely with the values of the cultures?
  • Are there any values that seem directly opposed to any of your selected cultures?
  • Would any of the company’s values cause tension for an employee coming from one of your selected countries?

You should also include recommended changes to the values to better align them to your own culture and the cultures you have selected to examine, and to encourage better intercultural interaction.