Paper should be wriiten in 1500 words with the focus on ” how can we digitalize

Paper should be wriiten in 1500 words with the focus on ” how can we digitalize teaching for the bachelor students, what are main challanges and how these challanges must be addressed. How the digitalized education applies during pandemic and how the future teaching will be affected after pandemic.
This is for bachelor students in Engineering department
My deadline is 15th July.
What should the project report contain and how should it be formulated?
The report should describe the idea/challenge and provide the necessary contextual
information and framing for others to understand the situation. That means, for example, the
number of students, who the students are, the program level, the teaching organization and
anything else that is relevant to your case. The objectives of the project must be clearly stated.
Using this description as a starting point, you should systematically investigate and discuss
possible approaches and solutions that are directly relevant to the situation that you describe.
Here it is important that you consider several relevant viewpoints. A criterion that you need to
fulfill, is to include the four perspectives (own experience, students, colleagues and literature).
You must both clarify how these different perspectives contribute to the understanding of the
situation, and critically discuss these perspectives in context. By doing this, you will build a
reflected and nuanced line of argument that takes all four perspectives into account and leads
to an action plan.
I need to write the paper in this frame (1500 words).