P Please address the following topic in your primary post. Once you have submitt

P Please address the following topic in your primary post. Once you
have submitted your primary post, you may reply to any student’s
post on any topic to complete the assignment requirements. Your
primary post must be in essay format! Do not copy/paste each
prompt into your primary post and respond to them separately.
Opinion: Spinning journalistic fraud into ratings gold
Read the article linked above by David Kutzmann of the San Jose
Mercury News and address all of the prompts below (at a minimum)
in your primary post:
Summarize the article. Identify the central argument(s) and
the evidence used to support it/them.
• Identify how this issue relates to what you have learned from
the course textbook. Be specific, citing a relevant passage
and page from the book using MLA in-text citation format.
Summarize and evaluate the conclusion. Is it logically
consistent or inconsistent with the evidence provided in the
article? Is it consistent with what you learned in the
What have other scholars said about the issue? How are
their findings consistent/inconsistent with those in the article?
Overall, what are your thoughts about the central argument,
evidence, and conclusion presented and why?
You will not be able to see the work of other students until you have
submitted your original posting. You will not be able to edit your
post after you submit it.
Here are two alternate links to the article:
Original web source
Web source in Word format