Organisations are involved in CSR activities to improve their reputations and to take advantage of the business benefits of being socially responsible

Guidance for Resit Critical Essay Assessment

Hand In Date

A Wordprocessed essay of 3,000 words (+/- 10%) is to be submitted via the module Turnitin link by 23:59hrs:

Students will base their final essay on either one of the following statements:

 “The main reason for organisations entering into Mergers and Acquisitions or Strategic Alliances is to gain new knowledge.”

Critically evaluate this statement, using academic literature and current business examples.


‘Organisations are involved in CSR activities to improve their reputations and to take advantage of the business benefits of being socially responsible’.

Critically evaluate this statement, using academic literature and current business examples.

Please refer to the original assignment advice in the Learning Materials and Assessment sections of the module Blackboard site for further support.

Marking Criteria

(The marks for each criterion are to illustrate where the main effort should be spent and are not meant to be a strict marking scheme)

Presentation – Structure/Grammar     10%

Critical Analysis                                 50%

Current Business Examples                20%

Referencing                                        10%

Conclusion                                          10%

Please remember that an essay is not meant to DESCRIBE what you have found.  Critical Analysis means assessing the different academic viewpoints on a subject, seeing which literature agrees/disagrees with each other AND the statement or question given.

General Guidance to students


The introduction should set out the structure of the essay to come, including definitions of key terms – Tell me what you are going to say…The main body of the essay should contain the critical analysis of the topics.You should use academic literature to critically analyse the statement or question of your choice.What does the academic literature say?Does the literature support the statement or question or does it give an alternative view?Identify the literature that agrees and supports each other, but also important to identify those with opposing views.Split the main body into distinct parts or paragraphs and guide the reader through the essay (for example, you can use guiding sentences such as: having looked at the topic of mergers and acquisitions in general, the focus of this essay will now look at the reasons for entering into such activities…)Structure the main body of the essay based on the introduction – Tell me what you need to say…The conclusion should recap on the main points of the essay and the critique that has been undertaken – Tell me what you said…No new materials should be included in the conclusion, it is a summary of the main points of the critical analysis and states, based on the evidence presented, whether there is agreement or disagreement with the statement. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION OR RELATE THE ESSAY TO THE STATEMENT CHOSEN. This is not an opportunity to tell everything you know about a subject, without relating it to the question.

Critical Analysis/Current Business Examples

Students need to read sufficient academic journal article literature to be able to give a critique of the subject.Academic Journal Articles and CREDIBLE Industry Reports should be the main focus of the reading for this essay.Students SHOULD NOT use general website references to support their critique.THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR READING – THE MORE YOU READ, THE MORE YOU CAN SAYCurrent Business Examples means any examples that have taken place in the last 12-18 months.These should be from credible sources (for example, the companies themselves or credible news sources)


Harvard Referencing is to be used throughout, both in text and in the reference list at the end of the essay.Any views, statements or facts which you present which are based on other work need to be referenced.News and company sources of information also have to be referenced in the Harvard style.If you are at all unsure about how to reference, please download the USW Harvard Referencing guidelines from the link below


Be your own independent work and free from plagiarism by ensuring that work that is not your own is clearly referencedBe written in appropriate academic styleBe professionally presentedHave been spell checked and proof-readBe anonymous and have your Student Enrolment number on every pageHave a clearly labelled front page detailing the module code and title, the question you are answering, tutors name, your enrolment number and the date of submissionBe submitted via the Turnitin link on the module Blackboard site