Open House: PowerPoint Presentation – Skilled Papers

ASSIGNMENT #4 Open House: PowerPoint Presentation
The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: (1) to increase one’s knowledge base in the application of technology, and (2) to apply the use of technology to practical real-life situations. This assignment will provide the student with an opportunity to enhance personal skills and proactively plan for the first weeks of school. To complete this project, it will be necessary to:
Access a PowerPoint computer program.
Demonstrate the necessary skills to produce a minimum of nine appealing slides.
Develop the slides for the traditional school “Open House” (or orientation presentation to ESE THIRD GRADE) held during the first few weeks of school.
Create the 10 slides for a presentation to visiting parents/guardians.
Address the following: 10 minutes for presentations*
Begin with an introductory slide where you introduce yourself and present your qualifications and teaching experience.
Beliefs and expectations
Curriculum Overview
Instructional Strategies
Daily Routines
Behavior Management (Rules/Consequences)
Behavior Management (Rewards/Incentives)
Grading Practices
Teaching strategies for special student populations
Home School Connection
Please, see Syllabus Assignment#4