On the essays–DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Use YOUR words. I understand that many of yo

On the essays–DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Use YOUR words. I understand that many of you have had little experience in writing good essays. However, they present opportunities for you to creatively synthesize the information you have read, and then analyze that info to make an argument. In other words, it’s not “just the facts,” but rather, what do they mean? The essays allow you to demonstrate both knowledge AND understanding.
An O.K. essay will not be shorter than 3 paragraphs. A really good essay will be about 5 paragraphs. Write in proper English grammar. Precision + Cohesion = a good grade. Do not say, “I feel” or “I think…,” etc. It is your essay. If you express an opinion, then it goes without saying that it is your opinion. Keep quotes from the book to a bare minimum. Synthesize and summarize the text in your words as much as possible. If you make a general statement (as most paragraphs begin), provide specific examples. Arguments have evidence.
Use active, rather than passive, verbs whenever possible, keep your paragraphs lucid with one main idea throughout, do not repeat yourself, and make sure that your essay “hangs together.” General statements must be supported with concrete examples. It is okay to start with a general statement, but then back it up with specific examples.
General statement: Comic book heroes have many different origins.
Specific example: The bite of a radioactive spider turned nerd-linger Peter Parker into the Amazing Spider-man, but Superman is a powerful refugee from the planet Krypton.
DO NOT SCURRY TO WIKIPEDIA TO ANSWER YOUR ESSAYS. Believe it or not, I have Google too, and I’ve been doing this long enough to have a spidey-sense for cheating. I am not asking you to reinvent the wheel, just do your best.