Often development and fundraising personnel are the main one…

Often development and fundraising personnel are the main ones to talk with donors and media regarding nonprofits and specific organizations.   Sometimes, they encounter donors with misunderstandings about nonprofits and it is their job to help the donor better understand the facts and realities.

For example, many believe that nonprofits are not allowed to charge fees for their services.  This is not correct.  For example, CSU-global is a nonprofit and they charge tuition.  However, when they have a surplus at the end of the year (a profit), they use that money to reinvest in the organization instead of giving the money to the owner (such as for-profits).  

Search/Google “common nonprofit myths” or “common nonprofit misconceptions” and pick a myth.  Assume that you are talking with a donor that believes this myth.  How would you explain to a donor that they are incorrect and how you would help them better understand the truth/reality?