Nursing Leadership and Management

Legal and Ethical Issues of Advanced Practice Nursing – Week 5 Assignment
Conflicts and Parental Authority
A mother brings her one year old child to your clinic. The nurse sees the child is not up to date on her vaccines. When this is addressed with the mother she refuses any vaccines citing recent evidence that they cause autism and other problems in children. She tells you that research done by drug companies illustrates a conspiracy to hide the truth from the public.
·  Propose an approach to the mother using autonomy and the ethic of care model. Remember to assess the socioeconomic and educational level of this mother.
·  Analyze implications to the child, family, community, and ultimately the nation when children like this are not immunized.
·  Formulate an argument for immunization using theories based on concepts from deontology and utilitarianism.
·  This assignment will be a 4-5 page, APA formatted, paper and include a minimum of 2-3 references and 2-3 citations from peer-reviewed nursing articles published within the last five years.
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