Need an research paper on the influences on physical and cog…

Need an research paper on the influences on physical and cognitive development of the early childhood. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Many famous scientists have contributed significantly to developmental psychology and have originated developmental theories with their stages, though some of these ideas were recognized false, they influenced all the further development of psychology up to date. This paper will consider the influence of various factors on the physical and cognitive development of the period of early childhood and investigate theoretical perspectives associated with such categories of development as social, moral, and development of personality taking into consideration the views of the above-mentioned scientists.

Sociology provides us with a theoretical base of personality development on the example of two theories of social development.To understand factors of influence on physical and cognitive development in early childhood it is necessary to briefly describe development in general, its kinds and its stages, physical and cognitive development of early childhood, and, finally, the factors of influence on the above-mentioned aspects of the development of early childhood.The term “development” means the growth of a human being throughout its entire lifespan, from its beginning, birth, till its end, that is, death.

The main reason for scientific studies of development is finding an answer to the questions of why human beings change and why, whereas developmental psychology considers this process from a psychological point of view.The psychological science of today distinguishes such kinds of development: physical, cognitive, social, moral, and personality development. In our research, we will focus on physical and cognitive development together with the facts of influence on them and other kinds of development.

From birth, the child develops many skills and abilities. With a child’s nervous system maturation, he or she is able to perform complex actions. The primary interest in physical development makes motor skills development.The motor skills are divided into two groups: gross motor skills of larger muscles, together with the legs and arms, and fine motor skills, such as smaller muscles of eyes, fingers, toes. Coordination, balance, running, and walking is examples of such actions that require gross motor skills.