Need an research paper on the existentialist philosophers. N…

Need an research paper on the existentialist philosophers. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

&nbsp.For this reason, existentialist philosophers stress the point that human beings are free to fashion their lives and to determine what they will be in life. the existentialist philosophers, therefore, stress the need to live authentically, which means, facing human existential challenges genuinely and boldly in an effort to develop one’s potentials fully and to become the best that one can be. One of the existentialist philosophers who strongly support this view is Paul Sartre. According to Sartre, human beings are condemned to be free.

By this Sartre meant that human beings are completely free to determine what they will be in life. Sartre also argued that existentialism is humanism, by this he meant that the existentialist approach to life helps one to achieve his full potentials and to be the best that he/she can be.This paper is an application of Sartre’s existential approach to life, tersely summarized by the phrase. existentialism is humanism, to the work of American art painted during the World War 11 period. The work of art interpreted existentially in this paper, through Sartre’s existentialist philosopher is the Sky’s the Limit!

Poster authored by Allen Courtney in 1944 (World War 11 Poster: The Sky’s the Limit!, web). The interpretation will show how the poster exemplifies the existentialist themes of facticity or throws, anxiety, and despair. These existentialist themes are central in Sartre’s existentialism.The SKY’s the Limit! The poster consists of three mechanics building/repairing an airplane. Two of the mechanics in the poster are men, while one of them is a lady. The lady in the poster has a bandana on her head, and she is presented as a strongly built lady.

Behind the working mechanics are military warplanes, clearly visible in the background.