Music summary

You just did an essay for me but did not provide a work cited page which I need please
Listening essays. Please select:Two works of music found in your Unit 8 folder– Work:  Prlude l’aprs-midi d’un faune (Prelude to the afternoon of a fawn) 1894Composer: Claude Debussy (1860-1918)Description: A perfect example of the new treatment of tonality, more sensuous, less linear direction than ever before.  
Work:  Black Angels (1970)Composer: George Crumb (b. 1929)Description: A dramatic, seminal work that depicts the unique and idiosyncratic direction of concert music in the late twentieth century.
Two songs found in your Unit 9 folder-The Beach Boys – Good VibrationsKendrick Lamar – Alright
One piece of music/song of your own choosing, which does not haveto come from these units, but from your own personal history orpreference– Kehlani Love Language
Compose a summary of each work. Demonstrate what you have learned about music listening. Please include in your summaries, descriptions that include music elements such as: genre, texture, form, consonance, dissonance, themes, and other music elements learned throughout the semester. Again, I ask that these summaries be substantive and informative, as well as personal. Balance information learned this semester, with a sincere personal interest in your selections.Book: Music: An Appreciation, Brief Edition 9th Edition by Roger Kamien
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