Module 3 – Case
Case Assignment
Read Chapters 5, 6 & 7 from School-linked Services: Promoting Equity for Children, Families, and Communities.
Use the readings in Module 3 and any other relevant resources to conduct an interview to examine the following questions:
“What are the needs of students, parents, and the community?â€
“How are these needs being addressed? (i.e., which school-linked services are being provided?)â€
What strategies are used to increase parent/community involvement and engagement?
For this assignment you will need to:
Interview one school or district leader (consider having a personal mentor serve as the interviewee).
The interview should come from one or more of the following categories: district administrator, school administrator, district family liaison, or someone connected with an organization associated with school leadership or community involvement.
The interview should include a minimum of seven (7) questions.
Write a 2- to 4-page summary of your findings.
Sample interview questions:
Describe the process you use to determine the non-academic needs of students, parents, and the community.
Who do you involve in the process of determining these needs?
What are the school/district priorities and how are they established?
How are the school-linked services funded?
What is the process for adding new services; for removing services?
What is the biggest problem/challenge you face? How do you address it?
How do you increase engagement of parents/the community at your school site/in your district?
Assignment Expectations
Your work should be written with the following in mind:
This Case Assignment should be at least 2-4 pages, not counting the title page and references.
A clear introduction that orients a reader to the essay’s main content, and the main points discussed.
A well-developed, well balanced essay body that develops each point in its own paragraph.
A concise conclusion that summarizes the whole essay.
General format/mechanics.
A reference page which follows APA requirements.
Organized in a clear and coherent manner.
Double spaced with font size of 12.
Your writing should:
Be clear, logical and precise;
Have breadth and depth;
Show critical thinking skills.