Misuses of Statistics

Your e-text at the end of chapter 11 has a section titled Supplement: Misuses of Statistics.
The introduction notes that “…The point isn’t to make you reject any statistical study or result.  It’s to help you recognize when information or conclusions you’re being given might be presented in a biased or dishonest way.”
This Supplement looks at 7 areas related to the misuse of statistics:

Suspect samples
Ambiguous Averages
Convenient Use of Percentages
Detached Statistics
Implied Connections
Misleading Graphs
Faulty Survey Questions

After studying this material choose one of the seven areas that particularly interests you.
 Identify two real world examples that in your opinion illustrate misuse in the area you chose.
Provide an internet link to the example or discussion of the example. 
For each example, explain why you think there is a misuse or summarize the discussion of the example.  Do not link to a text or lecture notes etc.