Message Analysis #2

I had you do a message analysis last week and you did it on ” Breast cancer among disabled women.” This time I need to do another one but on a different topic.
The purpose of this assignment is to identify and critically evaluate strategies used to communicate about health.
You will start to notice health-related communications everywhere you look as a result of taking this course. Examples of health-related communications may include:
        Ads of any format for fast food or junk foods {these may be anti-health, when advertising high-fat, low-nutrition foods, or they may have health messages such as McDonalds ads that showcase their salad options}
        Billboards advocating #Healthforall, and the related Twitter messages
        Signs at the supermarket informing consumers of the nutritional value of specific produce
        Letters to the editor in newspapers advocating for safer working conditions for farmworkers
        Campaigns to encourage drivers to turn off cell phone notifications while they are driving
        Got Milk? Mustache ads by the Dairy Council
For this assignment, you will identify and analyze one health message. You will post a link to the message (or the message itself, if possible), a summary, and an analysis, as follows:
1.      Link or image
2.      Summary (in bullet format):
o  Format (even if self-evident state: billboard, TV ad, Twitter hashtag, etc)
o  Topic (remember health is broadly defined)
o  Location: Where you found the message (e.g., street location if billboard; friend/family member if posted on social media; date/time/channel/what program it interrupted if on television).
3.      Analysis (in paragraph format):
Sponsor: Who made and/or funded the message. Is the funder/sponsor evident, or did you have to dig to find it?Target Audience: The target audience of the specific message you are posting. A campaign may have multiple components targeting different audiences; you should describe who you think the intended audience of this specific message is and what makes you think that. General Approach: What is the general approach the message/campaign is taking? This will become clearer as class progresses, and grading will take this into account.
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