Mental Health and Midwifery practice

The purpose of the assignment is to encourage you to use theory and research to help you understand the response an individual may have to a social media posting.
· Introduction
· What was the message the social media posting was promoting and how can it be seen in a negative manner? Apply psychological theories to midwifery practice linking to how loss and bereavement in the perinatal period can affect a woman – remember loss/bereavement includes more than just the death of a baby
(please include a screen shot in an appendix) · How can this negative interpretation of this social media posting relate to mental health, and influence family and cultural dynamics in contemporary society and any relevant pathology and/or effects of pre-existing and perinatal mental health issues on women
· Outline the role of the midwife in this particular situation and if any further allied health care or support services could have been provided.
· Implications for future practice – Using current literature, treatment guidelines and recommendations rebut the negative information