You are the managerial accountant at Reliable Company. You have been assigned to support the marketing department and manage its master budget. The marketing department is responsible for the following:

Managing the firm’s marketing Hiring subcontractors Selling the consulting expertise to smaller outside      firms

The department’s expenses are as follows:

Salaries and benefits of $48,000/month Web site operations of $21,000/ month Online advertising expenses of $15,000/month Miscellaneous expenses of $3,500/month

The sales forecast for its consulting services are as follows:

April:      $190,000 May:      $200,000 June:      $205,000

The department pays a sales commission of 5%, and this is paid in the following month. Subcontractor expenses are estimated at 45% of sales and are paid the month after they are billed. Consulting fees are collected 20% in the month of sale, 70% in the following month, and 10% in the second month following sale.

Refer to the attached schedules.

Develop a master budget for the marketing department.

This task includes the following:

Completing the attached schedules for a master budget      for the marketing department Supporting schedules for cash disbursements and      collections

Analyze additional needs and resources based on those budgets. Make recommendations based on those budgets.

Respond to the following for this assignment:

Develop the marketing department’s master budget. Prepare a schedule of expected cash collections. Make recommendations based on those budgets.

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