Literary Analysis Racial discrimination in the USA continues to impact society d

Literary Analysis
Racial discrimination in the USA continues to impact society despite all the attempts by the government to ensure the implementation of the 14th Amendment. The most impacted department is the police, which has been accused of targeting people of color. In this literary analysis, I will elaborate on why police departments in the USA continue to be accused of differential treatment along the racial lines.
The first reason the American police departments continue to target people of color is because of their original objective at their inception. According to the podcast recording on NPR titled the American police, the host Arablouei stated that “some of the first police forces in America were created to control enslaved black people. They would come to be known as slave patrols. By law, almost all white men had to serve in these patrols.” There the objective of the police was to control the movement of the Balck, and therefore, this culture continues to impact the modern police departments we have.Police departemenst arer a a white mans affair where majotity of offcers are whoet just leike in Anetebeelum Americam.
Another argument why police treat black Americans as second-class citizens is because they have always been considered property. “And the notion of inequality was not an abstraction for colonials. It was most certainly even in the new nation period after the Constitution was ratified despite its lofty language about all men being created equal.” (Abdelfatah and Arablouei, 2020-present). Although the founding fathers knew slavery was ongoing, they did not ratify its abolition until 89 years later, when president lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. Therefore the USA constitution did not recognize slavery and enslaved individuals, and hence it was practiced unabated. Black Americans have always been considered second-class citizens, and this perception is yet to be addressed; consequently, police departments have been impacted.
Finally, police departments have racial discrimination against African Americans because of the systemic racism that continues to impact the departments.” African Americans recreate segregated black communities out of the restrictions of their mobility that are enforced by segregation laws”( Abdelfatah and Arablouei, 2020-present)..”Although segregation laws were repealed, some laws still increased African Americans’ racial discrimination by police. For example, the comprehensive crime control act of 1984, signed by Ronald Reagan, unfairly targeted Black Americans( Nicholas & Churchill, 2012). This is because Black Americans live in neighborhoods infested with drugs, and therefore, they would tobe the victim of enforcement of the law. This resulted in young black men incarcerated for petty drug possession for two years.
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