Link to documentary: Password to access: green.five.

Link to documentary:
Password to access: green.five.chair
Assignment 2- Response and Reflection to “The
Alaska Child Welfare Disproportionality Reduction, Project: Strategies for
Success.” (100 pts)
skills are essential for social workers and those in helping professions in
order to improve upon practice and work with clients. This is also an important
piece of advocating for change on a macro level. In this assignment you will
demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the topic addressed within the film
and utilize critical thinking to analyze and reflect on the information
Reflection Paper 100
– In a typed, double spaced 3-5 page paper, and summarize the documentary
Please highlight the main points and
purpose of the film.
Discuss challenges and advantages you
Please discuss areas you agree or
disagree with.
How does this impact your view of
How do you propose the child welfare
system work to reduce disproportionality of American Indians within the
child welfare system?
How might you apply knowledge from
this film into your future career as a helping professional?
paper must be written in APA format and submitted via Blackboard.
Communication/Formatting Guidelines:
The paper is to be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, using Times New
Roman (only), 1-inch margins, with right margin unjustified. Your writing should reflect clear content,
coherent and organized structure, and adherence to mechanical standards, which
include paragraphing, sentences, punctuation, grammar; and stylistic standards,
which includes focus, organization, development, and voice