Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need support to help me lea

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need support to help me learn.Assignment #2: Disability Current Affairs: Justice for Isaias CervantesBackground: Families around the world fear the day their loved ones will be in a position that leaves them vulnerable to misunderstanding and ultimately, injustice, injury, or death. One such case came to be in Los Angeles, California, in March of 2021, when Isaias Cervantes’ life, and his family’s life, was forever altered. Learning Objectives: 1. Students will research and summarize the story of Isaias Cervantes.2. Students will research and compare Isaias’ story to one other current story (within the last 5 years) of the intersection between the disability experience and law enforcement. 3. Students will apply their knowledge of course concepts to the topic of justice for people with disabilities.4. Students will explore alternatives to law enforcement intervention during behavioral crises.5. Students will examine the controversies surrounding disability and conservatorship and evaluate their own perspectives on these issues.Assignment Content RequirementsYou is required to complete the following prompts. For each prompt, please write 1-3 paragraphs. 1. Research and summarize the story of Isaias Cervantes. Make sure to cite your sources (include a link to your source). 2. Compare and contrast Isaias Cervantes’ story with one other current story (within the last 5 years) that intersects the disability experience with law and enforcement. Describe the similarities and differences between the cases. 3. Research and summarize the movement for change in police intervention and community involvement in times of emergency or behavioral crisis for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Explain some of the issues, arguments, and solutions that you find. Be sure to cite any sources used.4. Reflect on what you’ve learned in this course so far about ableism. How does the topic of ableism apply to what you have learned in this assignment?Assignment Format Requirements● 12-point fontGen S420 Spring 2022● Double-spaced● 2-page minimum● Question/Answer format is acceptable and preferred● No formal MLA or APA formatting is required, just be sure to include the information somewhere in your work*Everything has to be in your own words, no plagiarism please.I also provided the file that has everything in it.
Requirements: 2 pages