Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and ans

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Write two questions after reading the article. questions should neither be too specific (“What does the fourth word on p. 27 mean?”) nor too general
(“Was this a good article? Why or why not?”). Try to strike a balance between the specific and general. Try to ask thought-provoking questions that make connections to other areas of study and other realms of life—what you saw on the news, read in the paper or a magazine, etc. Note that questions that could be asked of any article are not good questions (e.g., What were the weaknesses of the methodology?). Your questions should center around more specific content from the assigned article. Be sure to point the reader to the specific content of the article that your question addresses.
Avoid questions with “yes/no” or “either/or” answers. Good DQs are open-ended. Also avoid
leading questions. See below for examples of good DQs. Example Discussion Questions 1. What consequences could result if parents followed Bem’s suggestion to raise gender aschematic children? That is, what are the positive consequences of raising children who do not follow traditional gender norms and prescriptions? What are the negative consequences of doing this? To what extent should parents emphasize versus de-emphasize gender when raising children? 2. The article authors argue that individuation (distinguishing the self from others on the basis of talents or accomplishments) is more likely to serve as a significant source of esteem for people from
individualistic cultures like the U.S, in comparison to collectivistic cultures like India. Evaluate the validity of this argument. In what ways does this seem true? In what ways does it seem false?
Requirements: read the instructions