Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need guidance to help me

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need guidance to help me learn.Answer all of the following questions in short essay format in whatever length you believe necessary to fully answer the questions. You MUST cite all of your reference information (at least author and page number). Any answer missing citation will be counted off.1.) C. Wright Mills spends a large portion of The Promise arguing in part of an age old debate of whether or not sociology is a social science or a social study. What is the difference in these two? Which did Mills support? Based on your own interpretation of the reading, and your general knowledge of sociology, do you believe it is more of a social science of a social study?2.) Using Marx’s Bourgeois and Proletarians explain in what ways does the bourgeois furnish the proletariat with weapons to overthrow them? What are these weapons, and how are they utilized (if at all) by the proletariat?3.)In Stupidity “Deconstructed” Joanna Kadi talks about how many people seem to think that “rich equals smart, poor equals stupid.” What meanings does Kadi give for this opinion, and does she seem to support or oppose this viewpoint? Please make sure to explain why.4.) Please explain the difference in ‘youth culture’ and ‘Youth Culture’. Give examples from the text, and your own understanding of the topic.5.) In Patterson’s The Knowing Consumer, explain the two main groups in society that he describes. Compare them to another reading that you have done thus far in this class. (please make sure to source both readings).
Requirements: no specific work must be cited   |   .doc file