Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need an explanation and a

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I need a 1-2 page discussion paper on religious diversity in Los Angeles. This discussion is due in a couple of hours. So please rush. Instructions are as follows:I have added a sample submission from another student.Thank you.Brie Loskota wrote on the vitality, adaptability, and innovation
found in the diverse religions of Los Angeles. For innovation to occur,
she said:”You need density—you need a lot of things in one space
bumping into, stumbling over, and existing next to each other. That’s
why L.A. is such an amazing place for religious innovation. As our mayor
likes to say, L.A. is the most religiously diverse experiment in all of
human history. . . . It’s also important to realize that this rich
religious landscape is in constant motion. Some spiritual groups
cross-pollinate across traditions, and all of these groups create layers
of history as they rise or fall, move up or move on, and move in or
move out of buildings and neighborhoods.”The article continues
with observations on L.A. as the home of Pentecostalism as well as the
Self-Realization Fellowship and gives a short description of the various
old churches and a Jewish temple that have become the locations for
other faiths. Loskota’s article can be found by clicking on “The L.A. Decade: Religious Innovation in an Emerging Global City” (Links to an external site.)What to DiscussIf
you live anywhere in L.A., even the South Bay, then you know density!
I’d like you to try a little fieldwork survey just from your desktop or
device and tell us about the religious diversity found in your
neighborhood or community. Don’t be limited to the usual
brick-and-mortar places of worship. Perhaps you know of a Pagan group
that meets in a bookstore or of a botánica where spiritual advice is
dispensed. Include something like these as well. The objective is to
highlight the diversity. It’s okay not to indicate your community and
simply work from some point in the L.A. area. The links below should
help, and also try Google maps.
Begin by picking
any one starting point. Then, within a 3-4 mile radius of that point,
identify 5 religious or spiritually focused organizations.
Describe the general location. For instance, you could say that the
organizations you have listed are all found within the south Torrance
area. For those who might be outside the L.A. area, then rely on the
information provided in the links below or get in touch with me for more
Identify the faith or tradition if the name
of the organization itself doesn’t indicate that, and feel free to add
one photo of the church, synagogue, temple, etc. (A photo isn’t
required.) Only one photo per the whole discussion. Be sure to identify the photo in the body of your discussion.
of our discussions are fairly structured, but let’s see where this one
goes when you all contribute with an account of the religious and
spiritual organizations in a particular area. For “inspiration,” take a
look at the websites and webpages linked below.
There might
be be some overlap of sites that everyone posts, but let’s try to
spread out a little and not all cover the same territories.
Read the posts of others and respond to at least one other student in class.
Mile of Miracles: A Microcosm of L.A.’s Religious Diversity (Links to an external site.)Wilshire Boulevard: A Tour of Religion in Los Angeles 4 min. Video (Links to an external site.)Los Feliz: Interactive Map of Religious Congregations (Links to an external site.)San Fernando Valley: Interactive Map of Religious Congregations (Links to an external site.)Downtown Los Angeles and Wilshire Corridor: Interactive Map of Religious Congregations (Links to an external site.)Against the Stream: Taking Refuge in an American Sangha (Buddhist) 3.5 min. VideoSample Answer: (Just for reference, DO NOT COPY)My starting point for the religious communities was the Los Angeles Civic Center located near Grand Park. Ohr Hashalom Academy (Tradition: Jewish)
The general location of the Ohr
Hashalom Academy is within a lively retail area in the heart of LA’s
Fashion District. Ohr Hashalom is a synagogue that serves mainly the
Iranian community of businessmen that live within the neighborhood, and
work nearby as well. The services are given Mondays through Fridays
starting at 8:15 am. There are also Mincha services given Mondays
through Fridays at the synagogue starting from 4:20 pm. All services are
given solely in Persian. The Sanctuary (Tradition: Protestant)
The location of The Sanctuary is
inside a bar above a local nightclub in the DTLA Financial District,
just South of the Dodgers Stadium. Services are offered in English and
Spanish on Sundays at 9 am and 11 am. The church also offers Midweek
Bible Study services for the community at 7 pm on weekdays. The church
provides online services as well known as “Thursday Night Equipping” and
embrace their well know slogan of “A real church for the real world”.
The leader’s name is Jay Haizlip, working at 501 S Spring Street. These Days (Tradition: Unspecified/Multiple)
The These Days center is located in
the building of 118 Winston Street, and is a community art gallery and
store that features emerging artists, modern designs, unique works, and
religious galleries. There are various gallery and store walkthroughs
and hours held on Thursdays and Fridays from 12 – 7 pm, on Saturdays
from 11 to 7 pm, and on Sundays from 11 to 5 pm. There are no religious
services offered at the gallery, however walkthroughs are offered in
both English and Spanish. The leaders of the gallery are Stephan and
Jodi Zeigler. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (Tradition: Catholic)
The Cathedral of Our Lady off the
Angels is located between the civic and cultural centers of Los Angeles,
which the community takes great pride in participating in. The
cathedral opened in 2002 after an earthquake to replace damaged
property, in which its decontructivist post-modern architecture is
heavily celebrated. The cathedral is conveniently located just off the
freeway, which also links hundreds of Roman Catholic missions to its
center point. Services are offered in both English and Spanish on
Sundays at 8 and 10 am, and Mondays through Fridays at 7 am and 12:10
pm. The leader of the cathedral is Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, alongside
Pastor Fr. David Gallardo. The cathedral also celebrates extensive
community service, and weekly organ recitals. Kosayan Buddhist Temple (Tradition: Buddhist)
The Kosayan Buddhist Temple is located
in Little Tokyo, just South of the Dodgers stadium, as well. Although a
bit difficult to find, the temple is known for its tucked away treasury
just off of 1st Street. The temple showcases beautiful features and
mythological murals and decorations coinciding with religious services.
The temple is a branch of the Koyasan Shington Buddhist sector, and is
the North American and South American regional headquarters for its
particular sector. Services are offered in both English and Japanese,
and offered on Sundays at 10 am, with Goma offered in English at 1:30 pm
every last Sunday.
Requirements: 1-2 pages