Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science multi-part question and need an e

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Students will create a genogram of their own family as a means of understanding the way family systems theory ( draft is attached) intergenerational patterns, cultural factors, and story influence family dynamics and functioning. The assignment is a two-part assignment that includes a family genogram that covers at least three generations as well as a summary and reflection.Assignment GuidelinesCreate the genogram. Your genogram should use symbols to show patterns in at least 3 areas (education, religion, health issues, employment, military status etc.) Your genogram should also use symbols to show the strength of relationships (ie. conflicts, close relationships, distant relationships, cut off relationships etc.)
When your genogram is completed, you will write a 2 to 3 page reflection paper. You should reflect on each of the 3 areas/patterns you tracked and write a description of what you learned. You should also describe the way this genogram would be useful (or not) if it were to be a part of family therapy with support from the readings in this module or from outside academic resources.
Formatting GuidelinesSubmit one document in APA style that includes the following: title page, two to three page summary and reflection, appendix that includes the genogram image and a one-paragraph written interpretation, and a references page.
Use at least 3 references, 2 are attched and pick one outsider source
Remember to use the “personal communication” in-text citation if you describe your interviews in your paper
You can use a computer program to create the genogram or you can create it by hand; you will insert the image of the genogram as an appendix in your paper
Your genogram should include a “key” that explains your symbols
Requirements: 3 pages   |   .doc file