Learning Goal: I’m working on a management presentation and need support to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management presentation and need support to help me learn.No organisation can be successful without effective leadership. Effective leadersunderstand the relationship between themselves, their followers and the situationor context in which they are leading.Drawing on drafted academic theory and research, critically evaluate whatdistinguishes a leader from an effective leader. Your essay must include discussion of:- Approaches to leadership- Communication and leading a virtual team- Motivating followers and managing diversity- Leaders’ emotional intelligence and reflection Duration: N/A Word Count: 2500 wordsYour answer should include all of the required four areas of discussion, plus aconclusion to draw your essay together.Your essay should draw on material from across the module to demonstrateyour knowledge and understanding of Fundamentals of Leadership. Your answer should be supported by academic theory and research, andevidence of wider reading that demonstrates your understanding and use ofdrafted academic research. This is an academic essay and therefore you should not select a particularleader or organisation on which to base your essay. You may wish to provideexamples to support your arguments.You should demonstrate your ability to critically evaluate.PG Assessment Brief and Assessment Criteria 21-22Word count:Guidance on the use of word count:- Introduction (approx. 150 words)- Approaches to leadership (approx. 650 words)- Communication and leading a virtual team (approx. 500 words)- Motivating followers and managing diversity (approx. 500 words)- Emotional intelligence and reflection (approx. 500 words)- Conclusion (approx. 200 words) The assessment task provides approximate word count per section. As this is an essay you should not include a contents page or any figures or tables. The word count includes everything from the first word of the introduction to the final word of your conclusion. The reference list is not included in the word count. There should be no appendices. General study guidance: Cite all information used in your work which is clearly from a source. Try to ensure that all sources in your reference list are seen as citations in your work, and all names cited in the work appear in your reference list.Reference and cite your work in accordance with the APA 7th system –
Requirements: 2500