Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need an explanatio

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.You are a Health Care Manger in the Outpatient Testing Department of
Red Bear River Valley Hospital. All managers have been asked to review
the attached documents and to assist in formulating a plan for the
hospital future function and organization. Red Bear River Valley
Hospital is one of the small, scattered villages located in rural
northern Utah and about 50 miles from the Big Swift, the closest town
and commercial center. The only transportation linkages to Red Bear
River Valley are rural county and state highways. These routes are
closed or not easily utilized between 7-10 days a year. There is no
public transportation to Big Swift. Red Bear River Valley
Hospital offers a basic emergency room and 16 inpatient beds in a 44.000
square-foot facility. An adjoining medical clinic, Red Bear River
Clinic, provide an additional 20,000 square-feet of space. The Bear
River Valley Clinic provides for basic outpatient care. The hospital is
supported by 10 physicians.Attached are the following data for Bear River Valley Hospital: Population Statistics
Statement of Revenues and Expenses for the last three years
Top eight DRG Discharges
Patient Days by Payer
Best and Worst percentages for Performance against CMS Core Measure
Based on the data given, consider the following: Describe and discuss the current financial and functional outlook for the facility.
Describe and discuss the two most imminent issues facing the facility.
Describe and discuss the areas of strengths and weakness impacting the long-term future of the facility.
Describe and discuss the potential impact on the community if Bear River Valley Hospital is closed.
and discuss two specific ways that your department could be modified
and changed to address the most significant issues facing Bear River
Valley Clinic. Include specific details of the modifications and the
anticipated outcomes.
Describe and discuss how your department
might utilized new technology to improve the delivery of healthcare to
the community that is served by Bear River Valley Hospital and Clinic.
Include specific details new technology and how it will improve the
community health.
POPULATION STATISTICS Bear Valley Total Population White Black Other 2014 1,965 1,942 14 9 2019 1,935 1,924 6 5 Ages and Gender Under 5 5-14 15-24 25-44 45-64 65-74 75+ Male 60 140 133 292 210 68 55 Female 54 146 139 294 226 75 73 Insurance Coverage (%) No Coverage Employer Provided Self-Employment Medicaid Medicare 14.1 6.0 40.8 9 31 Household Income Less than $25,000 41% $25,000- $49,000 30% $50,000- $74,999 15% $75,000 or more 12% Revenues Patient Services Revenue 2018 2019 Inpatient Net of Allowances 52,240,653 53,286,192 Outpatient Net of Allowances 22,742,147 22,147,554 Total 74,982,800 75,433,746 Expenses 2018 2019 Salaries and Wages 30,275,410 31,952,632 Fringe Benefits 8,225,293 8,925,471 Supplies 20,513,755 21,539,851 Professional Fees 12,541 13,887 Interest 575,774 524,899 Depreciation 2,000,124 2,220,521 Amortization 851,440 855,108 Other 10,143,221 8,152,147 Total 72,597,528 74,184,516 NET INCOME FROM OPERATIONS 2018 2019 Net Income 2,385,272 1,249,230 Top 8 DRG Discharges 2018 2019 Normal Newborns* 31 28 Vaginal Delivery, no complications 25 24 Medical Back Problems 125 141 Chest Pains 126 178 Coronary Atherosclerosis 150 161 Simple Pneumonia 27 21 Digestive Disorders 19 12 Cesarean Section 5 4 Totals (excluding births) 477 541 *counted as births, not discharges.Patient Days by Payer Payer Medicare Medicaid Other Total Days 26.9 14.2 58.9 CMS Core Measures Category CMS Core Measure Benchmark Bear River Timely and Effective Heart Attack Care Average number of minutes before outpatients with chest pain or possible heart attack got an ECG 7 minutes 9 minutes Timely Surgical Care Percentage of surgery patient whose preventive antibiotics were stopped at the right time 98% 95% Timely Emergency Dept Care Average time patients who came to the emergency department with broken bones had to wait to getting pain medication 54 minutes 44 minutes Blood Clot Prevention Percentage of patients who go treatment to prevent blood clots on the day of or the day after hospital admission or surgery 93% 94%
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