Learning Goal: I’m working on a data analytics project and need an explanation a

Learning Goal: I’m working on a data analytics project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.During the pandemic, a physical bookstore has decided to design an e-commerce website for its
local customers. The bookstore owner asks a systems analyst to design a website with
functionalities through which everyone can search books on the homepage, explore books in
different categories, see the details, add books to the shopping cart, and purchase books. Moreover,
users should be able to register and login into the website to place an order for curbside pickup.
For curbside pickup there should be a map and instructions on the homepage. Customers, who are
mostly seniors, can view and edit their shopping cart after login into the website. The owner of the
bookstore also agreed with the nearby restaurants to advertise them on the website. The owner
would also like to lead website viewers to his Instagram and Facebook accounts to foster customer
communication.As a systems analyst, you need to provide a website structure, including a wireframe of the
homepage and storyboard of the webpages/forms. Besides, you should design the structure of a
form for customer registration to input customer profile including date of birth, gender, name,
address, city, province, postal code, phone number, email address, and contact preference, along
with username and password. You need to use captioning and form controls such as text box, check
box, option button, list/combo box etc. for designing the registration form.
You can use Word, PowerPoint, Justinmind, Mendix, or any other tool you like to layout the
diagrams and the forms. This is not a web design assignment, so the web pages are not expected
to actually function. You just need to draw the diagrams and the forms.
1. Design Output
Homepage wireframe
• Storyboard (for at least 4 pages/forms)
2. Design Input
Registration form
Requirements: a great design wireframe, storyboard and registration form that include all the details required.