Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security presentation and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Task: Using Microsoft PowerPoint create a ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ with slides demonstrating computer assemblyNote: Even though you are working on a non-working computer, think about all the tasks you need to do on an actual computer assembly with working parts.Complete the following steps:*Take the ‘non-working’ computer apart*Assemble the ‘non-working’ computer in the correct order; take pictures showing the assembly of each step that you perform.*Create a power point using the pictures you took showing your assembly steps. Be sure to document the slides in the correct assembly order. (As you create the power point, think about all the steps/measures you would take if this were an actual functional computer and include as text along with your slides). You will need to incorporate assembly details in the power point (see below).Powerpoint Details: (incorporate the following in the slide presentation)Include written descriptions listing the component name and any special handling information about each component that describes what you are doing and the order used to put the computer back together. Be sure to include what cables you connected at each point (ie. CPU fan, hard drive (power and data/interface cable) and any others. It is important to include information about ESD; listing when you should dissipate power out of the system each time you install components. Use what you learned in Assembly 1 and Assembly 2 throughout your video; including important assembly for core components, core system testing and how to test remaining components. After an assembly, the operating system would be installed. You do not have to install the operating system however, document the (5) operating system utilities you learned about to verify everything is working properly. The important part of this assignment is to show the correct order to assemble the computer and demonstrate key information about the assembly.Grading Rubric:25 points (power point includes correct order of assembly)25 points (content – did you include enough ‘assembly detail’ as documented above in the power point detail section)
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