Learning Goal: I’m working on a case studies case study and need an explanation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a case studies case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Case DetailsYou’ve just been hired to manage the social media presence of a regional chain of popular bakeries in the Southeast. The chain already has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram but has only been posting sporadically and without a specific purpose. Your new boss has tasked you with adding a company Twitter account to their social media repertoire and drafting a style guide that would ensure their online presence across all three social media platforms is both coherent and consistent. Among the things your boss wants included in the style guide are spelling and formatting standards and color scheme as well as a clear message with a consistent tone and purpose. Your job is to draft a social media style guide that addresses these areas in a concise and readable format.ActivitySocial Media Style and Content Guide for a Bakery: length and design appropriate for audience and genre.Last week you analyzed the social media presence(s) for a company or organization of your choosing and drafted an outline for Case Three. This week you will expand your outline into a full style and content guide for the bakery you work for. Remember, a style guide is essentially a rule book for how to compose in a particular medium for a specific audience and purpose in order to maintain consistency in tone and message for a brand. They can, and often do, include big abstract ideas like what the mission is for the organization as well as precise instructions like what words are capitalized or what color scheme is allowed. At the very least, style guides give instructions on both content (what the message is) and form (how that message should look) to standardize an organization’s documentation or content.Remember that the style guide should be well organized and needs to include both content AND form, meaning you should determine what the bakery’s overall message is and how it should look on each platform. Although companies can and often do crosspost their content onto multiple platforms, it’s not always the best strategy depending upon the platform. So determine what the message is and then consider what that message looks and sounds like in 280 characters (Twitter), and what that same message looks and sounds like when it requires a photo (Instagram), and what that same message looks and sounds like to the demographic who uses Facebook, etc. for all other social media platforms.There is a bit of overlap between an instructional document and a style guide, so think back to what you learned about instructions for Case Two and how you drafted that assignment as you work on your style guide. Consider who your audience is and what parts of the style guide might need examples to illustrate any instructions you provide.
Requirements: 1.5 pages