Jurisdiction Essay – Skilled Papers

Research and select a medium-sized city (100,000-500,000 people) in the United States, other than Florida. Then, write a 2-3-page paper, double-spaced, describing that city (geographic location, population size, available resources, etc.). These characteristics will determine what risks, hazards, concepts, and elements will be included in your Emergency Plan.
Additionally, locate the emergency plan in place for that city. As this is a required element of the assignment, make sure that you can identify your selected city’s emergency plan before writing your essay.
In-text citations and a reference list should be included in this assignment. A minimum of three source citations is required. Support your paraphrased statements and direct quotes with source citations.
Use headings to organize and structure your writing.
Examples of a Paper Heading format:
Jurisdiction (Tailor to Your jurisdiction—give an overview)
Jurisdictional Characteristics (Tailor to Your Jurisdiction)
Jurisdictional Resources
This capstone will be on Waterbury, Connecticut, USA