ITEMS TO ADDRESS The social science issue is … anti mask and anti vaccination T

The social science issue is … anti mask and anti vaccination The assumed professional role is…is observer
The research question is…the effect of the anti vaccination and anti mask groups in a psychological approach on the rest of the population RESEARCH DESIGN
Consult six sources (minimum) and compile an annotated bibliography of each, using a citation style of your choice. [cca 100 words per source]
Explain how the selected social science issue has been interpreted, defined and framed as a social ‘concern’. (cca 150 words]
Articulate a conceptual-analytical framework in reference to topic-relevant terms, concepts, and approaches drawn primarily from the course material, including working definitions and references to sources (including the URL link). [cca 100 words]
Propose a TENTATIVE recommendation for a course of action towards ‘resolving’ the social concern. [cca 50 words]
Identify by name and professional designation the person (‘target audience’) to whom you will address s copy of the Final Research Report with full reference to his/her institutional affiliation (including the URL link). [cca 50 words]
Summarize the findings and indicate how you anticipate proceeding toward completing the final report. [cca 250 words]
Use of first-person pronouns is permissible.
Follow the format of this template
Single space the annotated bibliography and double space the rest.
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