It is important that health professionals understand the impact of diabetes on e

It is important that health professionals understand the impact of diabetes on emotional and mental health, and can identify concerns, refer and provide appropriate support for people with diabetes.
Case study: Marianne is a 58-year-old woman with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes. She is married with 3 adult children and 1 grandchild. She works full-time. Marianne is overweight and has little time or energy for exercise. She has a past history of depression but is no longer taking medication for this. She tells you she is worried about developing complications of diabetes because her father had diabetes and had a below knee amputation and died after having a stroke at the age of 65. Her children worry about her health and encourage her to lose weight. She feels overwhelmed by the diagnosis and is unsure whether she can make the changes to her eating and physical activity suggested by the dietitian. Food and eating are an important part of her culture, family and social life.
Task description For this assessment task you are required to identify the concerns expressed by Marianne and what these might indicate in terms of her emotional wellbeing. Explain how you, the diabetes educator (DE) would ask about and assess Marianne’s emotional health using a validated questionnaire. State which questionnaire you would use and provide a rationale for your choice. Explain when and how you would use it. Discuss the role of the DE in assessing and supporting emotional health for people with diabetes. Include in your discussion strategies the DE could use to support Marianne and appropriate services where you might refer her. In your essay, define terms and concepts and provide a detailed rationale for your decisions, using appropriate evidence to support your statements. You might find the 7A’s model helpful to structure your response to the case study. p. XVIII
NB: medical management of diabetes is not the focus of this assignment.
Criterion 1 Identifies Marianne’s emotional health concerns and explains how to assess her emotional health and why, when and how to use a validated questionnaire. Provides definitions for terms and concepts. 40 marks
Criterion 2 Explains the role of the diabetes educator (DE) in providing emotional health support and discusses appropriate strategies to support Marianne’s emotional health and services to refer her to. Provides detailed rationale for recommendations 30 marks
Provides quality evidence (current, reliable, relevant literature from credible sources) from theoretical and practice-based literature to analyse and explain concepts 10 marks
Criterion 4 Introduction includes definition and contextualisation of the issue and conclusion summarises the key points of the essay 10 marks
Criteria 5 Assignment structure, cohesiveness, clarity and presentation, including language, grammar and referencing is in accordance with scholarly standards and assignment instructions. 10 marks
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