Instructions Write at least a seven page research paper. The title page and re

Write at least a seven page research paper. The title page and reference page is included in the seven page minimum requirement. Write the paper in your own words and use the American Psychological Association style format, (APA). Use 12 point font and 1 inch margins throughout the paper. You should write full pages. The title page should include the topic title, your name, course name and date. You should number the pages. If you use direct quotes, it should be to emphasize a specific point that you are trying to make and direct quotes should not be more than 10% of your overall paper. You should have a minimum of four references and all references used should be listed on your reference page. Your references should be from professional drafted journals, magazines and books. You should not use course notes from this or other courses as references. Your research paper should start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Your paper should be your original writing and will be submitted through the college software program, Turnitin for authenticity. Papers that have been previously submitted from other courses will not be accepted. Select one of the following topics listed below to write your research paper.
1. Employment Recruitment
2. Workplace ethics
3. Family Medical Leave Act
4. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
5. Employment Discrimination
6. Affirmative Action
7. Performance Appraisals
8. Unions
9. Retirement Programs (Drop program, 401k, deffered compensation, pension)
10. Succession Planning