Instructions For this annotated bibliography assignment, you will prepare a desc

For this annotated bibliography assignment, you will prepare a descriptive list of 10 research sources that you intend to use (or may possibly use) as part of the 12-16 sources required for your persuasive research paper assignment due later this semester. This bibliography provides you the opportunity to do the preliminary reading and research that is essential to forming and narrowing a viable research question.
The annotated bibliography should:
Use MLA style conventions to format both your document and the sources — review the sample Download samplecarefully for correct document formatting & review the style guide carefuly for correct source entry format.
List sources in alphabetical order
Include sources related to your research topic
Include two paragraphs in each source annotation, 125-150-word minimum for each two-paragraph annotation, or description, of each source
Include a descriptive title for your annotated bibliography that describes your research topic
To delve a bit deeper into Cornell’s definition, a bibliography is a formatted list of sources in alphabetical order on a topic (books, articles, websites, etc.). And, an annotation is a short summary of the source followed by a statement on how the source is useful for your research. In other words, an annotated bibliography tells your reader about the source listed (summarizing what it says) and then explains why it’s included on the list (summarizing why it matters for your project). For this annotated bibliography, please write:
A paragraph summarizing the source and evaluating the source for currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy or purpose;
A second paragraph explaining why the source is useful for your paper and how this source deepens your understanding or changes your thinking on your topic.