Initial Post 200 word minimum referenc 2 scolarly resources REVIEW Review all as

Initial Post 200 word minimum
referenc 2 scolarly resources
Review all assigned reading and resources in preparation for the discussion.
In some cases, researchers or the research itself may have some bias. A good example is the Hawthorne effect which is a phenomenon in research that occurs when the participants alter their behavior depending on what they think the study is about. They may want to please the investigator, or not be concerned about the outcome among other reasons. Some other bias include sampling bias, information bias, selection bias and cultural bias.
Select a business report, news article, or research where data is used to present a viewpoint, recommendation, and/or information.
For your selected resource, provide a brief summary of the report and a description of the types of research bias(es) that are present.
What effects might the bias(es) have on the outcomes presented in the report?
Respond 2 these discussion post only one needs a reference
The report talks about the issues of accuracy and transparency in scientific reports. drafters and researchers are therefore bound to ensure that only the correct information is drafted and no deviation from the intended truth (Garca-Gonzlez et al., 2019). The deviations are referred to as bias. The report also states that bias can be unintentional or intentional (Tamblyn et al., 2018). The report’s main aim is to provide means of identifying the sources of bias in drafted reports and how to avoid the same in future reports (Zagreb, 2013). The types of bias presented in the report include data collection bias, data analysis bias, data interpretation bias, and publication bias. Bias has the consequences of false conclusions due to the deviations (Ioannidis et al., 2017). Bias can also mislead the readers or target audience, making it an immoral and unethical practice in research.  
Garca-Gonzlez, J., Forcn, P., & Jimenez-Sanchez, M. (2019). Men and women differ in their perception of gender bias in research institutions. PloS one, 14(12), e0225763.
Ioannidis, J. P., Stanley, T. D., & Doucouliagos, H. (2017). The power of bias in economics research.
Tamblyn, R., Girard, N., Qian, C. J., & Hanley, J. (2018). Assessment of potential bias in research grant peer review in Canada. Cmaj, 190(16), E489-E499.
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The research that I have chosen to use comes from Lexus and its partnership with the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Lexus advertises itself as being the official car of the Angels while also saying that Southern Californian drivers prefer Lexus vehicles over other vehicles based on a survey that they take there at the ballpark. This survey is a bit biased because part of the partnership between the Angels and Lexus means that Lexus drivers get to park for free at the game. This creates a polling population that will have more Lexus drivers given they are aware of the free parking possibility and can use that to produce higher satisfaction rates.
This creates an issue for the general public because Lexus is claiming that they are saying that Southern Californians prefer Lexus when that survey doesnt accurately account for all of Southern California, only those at the game. Due to this, it is impossible to actually claim a certain vehicle is preferred by a certain region because those claims can not be backed up in any legitimate way. The effects of these biases outcomes presented could lead to increased purchases of Lexus vehicles as individuals may feel compelled to purchase a vehicle based on these marketing efforts.