Industry Analysis Report

2.The analysis company is Aviva (British insurance company)3.The macro environment needs to be analyzed with the pest model4.The micro environment/industry environment (micro environment) needs to be analyzed by porter’s five forces5.According to the company’s internal information and external information (macro and micro environment), analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges, and use the swot model to analyze.6.The branches under each model, for example, the branches of pest are p, e, s, t. The analysis of each branch must contain at least two points. Each point is a paragraph of its own, supported by evidence, according to the structure of peee (point, evidenc, explanation, evaluation) to point out the impact of this factor on the company. (For example, under the p branch, you can talk about the impact of the implementation of solvency 2 on the insurance industry)7. Evidence must come from official channels such as government departments, company websites, academic articles8. Comprehensive analysis is required, but the credibility of the evidence is strictly required, and it must be the latest information9. Reference: APA format10.The citation in the text and the list at the end of the text are in APA format. The source of the evidence must be reliable. Regarding the writing of business reports and academic reports11.All analysis can only write about the United Kingdom