Industry analyisis overview The purpose of Part 1 is to become familiar and kno

Industry analyisis overview
The purpose of Part 1 is to become familiar and knowledgeable about the industry you plan to provide consulting services to on a regular basis. Although I am selecting the particular type of service, you can use this same process to provide other services. You will present a 7-10 minute presentation next Tuesday during class with the following information.
Select an industry of choice you are interested in being a consulitant.
What products and services does this industry sell or provide?
Who is their target audience? How did you make the decision?
Describe the type of employee they would hire? What type of degree, background, skill sets would they need to work in this industry?
Assess how diverse or global-centered you perceive the organization to be? What information did you use to guide your perception of internal and external members?
What/who does this organization prioritize as part of their social responsibility? You should be able to find their social responsibility practices on their website.
Based on your analysis, what areas do you think this organization could benefit from in an diversity & inclusion training series?
The overview should be in written form with subheadings, supporting-evidence, in-text citations, and a reference page. The Overview will range 1000-1500 words double-spaced, 1″ margins, Times New Roman.
I am looking to do my project on a mental health organiziation in Houston.