In this project, you will take the role of marketing director for the brand Chan

In this project, you will take the role of marketing director for the brand Chanel and design their mobile marketing plan. Your company’s senior management strongly believes that traditional media channels, such as television, radio, and newspapers, are the best way to advertise to consumers but you have to develop a strong mobile marketing plan to realize the importance of mobile marketing. Your plan should be comprehensive and compelling. Your mobile marketing plan project should satisfy the following requirements:
1) Determine the mobile application feasible for the brand and explain its implication. Moreover, ensure the way to secure the users’ data and their privacy.
2) Discuss the way to avoid spam and viruses which are the major obstacles.
3) Evaluate mobile e-commerce and explain the e-commerce channels that would be used by the brand. Moreover, find out the e-commerce channels which the brand is already using.
4) Discuss how to manage micro and macro mobile payments while maintaining high levels of security under mobile banking.
5) Provide the recommendations, how the practitioners can implement mobile marketing plan? The recommendations should be in bullets (7 to 10 bullets).
6) Develop the strategic mobile marketing plan/ campaign for the brand you will select with the following content:
a. Enlist the mobile marketing channels.
b. Enlist the applications you will use.
c. Discuss the way to ensure the users’ data and privacy.
d. Explain the online mobile integrated marketing channels which can be considered.
e. Steps to create the mobile marketing strategy.