In this module you read a 2006 Journal of Economic Perspective article about pov

In this module you read a 2006 Journal of Economic Perspective article about poverty in America. The JEP is a leading journal in economics, yet it has not published an update to this article in 15 years. You are working for a government agency that wants to understand more recent trends and your boss has asked you to update the data and write a report appropriate to present to upper management. Upper management is highly educated but does not necessarily have a background in economics, so you will need to be sure that your work is clear to those who are unfamiliar with this area of study.
Recent data on poverty in America can be found on the Census Bureau website:
In your update you should clearly describe trends. Do you see similar trends continuing, or have things changed? What has changed, and what is the same? Your update should include graphics to help your reader understand the situation. The JEP article goes on to describe the reason – you do not need to update this, as that analysis is beyond what I would expect in this module, however you should identify these trends comment on whether you think the trends identified in this paper are still relevant today.
1. Accurate, professional looking graphs and/or tables
a. Relationship of poverty by group to GDP
b. Characteristics of those living in poverty
2. Insightful discussion of changes and continuities in data
3. Discussion of labor market, family structure, tax/transfers, immigration