In biblical history, there are many examples of family dynam…

In biblical history, there are many examples of family dynamics and structures. For this part of the assignment, review these stories in the Bible to answer the following prompts, citing the Bible and one other scholarly source: 

Explain the efforts to maintain homeostasis after traumatic events in each biblical family: 

Adam and Eve after Cain kills Abel (75-100 words) 

David, his father, and brothers after David is chosen to be King. (75-100 words) 

Jacob and Esau (75-100 words) 

Ruth and Naomi (75-100 words) 

Explain the family dynamics and structures within King David’s kingdom, citing the Bible and one other scholarly source: (100-200 words each) 

King David and Bathsheba- 

King David and Absolom- 

King David and Solomon-